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A Motherís Prayer

My precious heavenly Father,
source of my joy and hope,
as I gaze upon this dear child
I am overwhelmed with love
and consumed with wonder.
I believe You were the One
Who created this miracle -
and I was merely the vessel
to carry and nurture him
as Mary did so long ago.

This child, so dearly loved now,
is really Yours - not mine alone
for children are not ours to keep.
They are Yours - in our care.
You are trusting us, for a while.
Father, please keep my eyes on You
and help me please to always listen.
I know You speak to our conscience -
and only You know what is best.
I need only to obey You.

Help me to not be critical -
to think twice before judging
in the raising of this gift of love.
Help me trust and listen to You -
reflecting God-light to this child.
Help me go to You before men -
then allow You to be my teacher.
And may this child then come to You
when grown, and it is time to leave,
knowing You will never leave him,
for I may have left You at times,
but You never left me. Amen.

©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 3/00

© Carolyn W. Patrinicola 2005; All Rights Reserved.
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