Life Garden Guides

(a list of collection titles with explanations)


The inspired name, Life Garden Guides, came about during prayer as this site was being prepared, and describes the overall name for three collections already written and all future books I will write, as each are part of a series of small guide books containing vessel verse messages pertaining to spirit-filled Christian living. The term "guide" has been consistently spoken to my heart, during these years of preparation, along with the explanation - "you will write small books that can easily be carried by My people." Currently, there are over 15 collections composed over an eight year time span, three of which were printed locally by myself, as led, and have been made available, at times, through various ministries and privately. They are Poured Out, River Flows and First, Jesus, portions of which are on this site.  The remaining collections are in need of final compiling and computer entry, and I will wait direction for next steps.  A prophetic word given in 1998, directed me to "just keep receiving them and keep them in order; it is not all for now." This direction has proven out consistently, and explains what is occurring  through this site. This venue is then another publishing step, and because of it I am thankful I did not run ahead of God by sending work away.  In my heart I know this is His plan to share "samples only" at this time, from specific guides, as part of introducing me and my writings to a broader audience.

As you read each work, you will quickly note there are several styles evident.  Some pieces are what I call "birthed," as concepts have sometimes come about over time; though  initially inspired, they are revised with God's  help, while never changing the original inspiration concept, or His heart.  My inner peace and a "yes" from Him confirm it is finished and the vessel completed. Like the Hydrangea and The Fountain Welcome are examples of this type. Some of the vessel messages are more of a teaching, and I am explaining, though still inspired. Many of the on site prayers and Poured Out works are in this category.  Other works are literally words of  wisdom as spoken of in 1 Corinthians 12, and are spoken to my heart, word for word by the Holy Spirit, for God's people (many First Jesus, River Flows and Overflow verses are examples). 

When messages are inspired in this way, they remind me of works by Frances Roberts, author of Come Away, My Beloved, (and many other books), and the two witnesses, in the devotional, God Calling, each listed in Recommended Reading. These specific examples, though in prose (not verse) form, are clearly God speaking to the authors, as He speaks to me and many. Some people see visions and have dreams, as God communicates to them.  In the case of the above authors, and countless others, including myself, He speaks to our hearts in words, for ourselves and His people. Many people, including myself, journal the words God speaks to them; some of those journal entries could greatly benefit the Body of Christ.  God may be calling you to turn your journaling into print, as author, Claudia N. Tynes, speaks about in her book, From Journal into Print.

I  do not  know God's full and final plan for my works; He seems to enjoy surprising His children, as all parents do, and so I prefer not to know it all.  I know only that what I write is of Him, and it began after He became my Lord. Any moving forward or waiting has been directly related to how obedient I was to His Spirit.  I clearly remember God's revelation in December 1996 regarding His greater vision for this ministry, and there has been a continual unfolding of it only through walking with Him step by step. This cyberspace stepping out is a giant Spirit-led leap of faith for me.  This writer is a willing but always cautious sheep being led by a faithful loving shepherd. He is growing my garden in this venture, as I am freely giving you seeds He first planted in me, to further plant in your own life gardens.  Your receiving is linked to your believing (in Him), just as my offering is linked to my trusting.

The above explanation is also meant to inform all site visitors, that I cannot, at this time, provide completed guides to you, nor is there an outlet source for them, unless you would be attending an Isaiah 61 Ministries outreach in Harford County, Maryland. I will place a new selection, each month, on Site News, however they will not necessarily be from a Life Garden Guide. Some will be appropriate for a season or even a world situation. If led to place an entire collection on site, I will do so.  Please pray for His will to be done, and send your opinions and suggestions through the To Contact page. I also appreciate all fervent prayers of the righteous, for He tells us they avail much, and I know this is a promise of God (James 5:16).

Samples from the following list of Life Garden Guides are on this site.  Be blessed...

  1. In the Garden
    (In the Beginning, Prepare with God)

  2. First, Jesus
    (The Son-Key for Thriving Gardens)

  3. The River Flows
    (Flourishing from Living Waters)

  4. Reflections of His Heart
    (Identifying Spirit/Soul Conditions)

  5. Worship/Prayer
    (Communicating with Your Garden Creator)

  6. Overflow
    (Pouring Jesus Out As A Way of Life)

  7. Poured Out
    (Garden Messages for Ministries)

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