The Water Healing

One day in September 1996, while in the shower, I began to receive what appeared to be titles for chapters, and the Lord spoke to my heart, "You will write a book for Me."  Immediately after this word, I felt ignited and a continuous flow of thoughts began pouring into my spirit which built upon those titles. It appeared as if God was inspiring a series of small stories concerning turning points in my life, which grew whenever I was involved with water, then consumed my thought life whenever awake. It was all I wanted to do, yet because a fulltime job took most of my days, it clearly affected my focus there and everywhere. It was as if new life was being breathed into me continually along with a new energy and purpose. Never in my life had I been so motivated to do anything, therefore, writing appeared to be the ultimate reason for my being.

By November, the book was still dominating my free time and thoughts,  but God had yet more for that first autumn in my restoration.  It began through a major revelation which came in the middle of the night, and this time it was directly related to water. The Holy Spirit awakened me at  2 a.m., and spoke to my heart, "your stomach problems all your life have been caused by chronic dehydration; begin drinking 8-10 cups of water per day in addition to all other liquids, and you will be healed."  I will never forget those exact words - they are engrained in my mind, soul, and spirit. I remember saying them over and over to myself as I continued to lie there, overwhelmed.  I remember feeling frozen into place, while my mind began digesting each portion of His enlightening word, knowing it made perfect sense. It was absolute truth being spoken to me by God Himself, in the still small voice I had come to know.  God, for reasons I could not fully know then, was revealing the source of decades of misery for me, though I was sure my surrender to Him in April, was the catalyst.

This healing word was so astounding, yet so basic that I remember wondering why I had not thought of it before, and why no doctor who treated me for many digestive disorders for decades, ever suggested dehydration as a possible cause of my symptoms. I recalled one specialist telling me I produced too much acid and he again prescribed antacids and the usual bland diet - not the simple, free and natural remedy God had just revealed.  In fact, I have recently learned that vinegar is a far better solution for some digestive disorders.  The Lord also told me, soon after this night, "the first thing a doctor should ask a patient is, 'are you drinking enough water?'" 

On that healing night, I also recalled being constantly remiss about drinking enough of anything, let alone water, and thought how often my husband would remind me of full water glasses left by me at the table.  Now, I am fully convinced that my spiritual blindness all of my life was behind my not "seeing" what was so obvious.  My mind simply excused my negligence with one simple reason - I didn't feel thirsty, therefore, I didn't think to drink.  After the revelation, however, my mind recalled the increasing number of colon attacks when in restaurants and during or after nearly every special occasion.  This same doctor had also told me I had lactose intolerance, gave advise to counter that, a prescription for excess acid, which never helped adequately, and the same bland diet. Problems persisted and I simply gave up seeking professional help.  The truth is, we do not hear of this very real condition called chronic dehydration, probably because it is so insidious and non-life threatening.  Many people with it drink enough of some liquids to function, but are not really "well," because they need water most of all, and their thirsty bodies are calling out to them for help.  Many have serious conditions and are on numerous medications, but not being healed.  They are being maintained.  Over time, however, this form of dehydration is damaging and manifests in numerous unexpected ways, as is beautifully explained by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj,  in his books.  See Recommended Reading and go to for enlightening information. These books confirm many of my revelations, and Global Health Solutions, who manage the site, in light of the doctor's recent death, have indorsed my healing testimony, having written to me to say, "surely you are part of this wonderful healing work" by the doctor. 

The morning after the revelation, I was so eager to experience normalcy regarding food,  and God wasted no time showing me how, by His Spirit, to form new habits. He first explained, "a miracle is sudden; a healing is gradual; I have begun your healing."  He showed me that I must participate in the full healing. He also said, "your thirst mechanism has shut down, My child."  He has also told me, "thirst mechanism is not the only indicator of need," and "many old people are thirsty; their mechanism has shut down, and many are deprived, for they cannot speak out their need."   He showed me I must form the habit of drinking water, then directed me to find a four-cup container to help out.  Quite quickly, I  "happened" to find a one liter sport bottle with a red lid, which seemed to appear out of nowhere, so I decided its red cover represented the blood of Christ, shed for me, the perfect reminder to drink (His living waters also).  He told me to drink a cup or more upon awakening each day, then to fill the bottle at work and sip from it during the morning. After lunch, it was to be re-filled for the afternoon. One more cup of water was to be drunk before dinner, and a small amount in early evening.  Ingesting too late would interrupt sleep. He also began immediately to wean me onto food that would most agree, because my digestive system was in chaos from years of dehydration. Acidic and high fiber fruits and vegetables disagreed most in the past, but not when adequate water was consumed, and when not eaten in late evening.  Since this food category is the one most recommended for us now, I see how "ahead" of many experts God was and always is, and why we need to seek Him first. 

Decades of illness ended that week.  I now only have problems from sitting too long,  too much sugar, very spicy foods, and eating  too late or too much;  all these factors affect many people.  I have even heard the Spirit say, "over-stimulated colon,"  which the above practices would surely do. Water can help overindulgence, but not end poor habits.  God will help us remain faithful to change.  Through the rest of November 1996 I was gradually weaned onto various grains, nuts and legumes, with no negative reactions; yes, I had to take part, with His help, for full healing.

Also during November 1996, more middle of the night revelations regarding my allergies took place, as the Great Physician revealed that chronic dehydration greatly affects our immune system operation, thus it is related to allergies and asthma. When well-hydrated, my reactions now are either nil or greatly reduced.  Though still being healed of some allergies, prayer is a large weapon in winning the battle over symptoms.  Fear with its cousins of stress, torment and anxiety, greatly aggravate sensitive people with allergies and asthma. Surely, allergic people know torment.  I remember the allergist telling me years ago of the stress link, warning me that being anxious will increase intensity. This has consistently proven to be so.  This same reality was also revealed to me when my cat allergy was being healed.  When we hear of the great increase of allergies and asthma  in this increasingly stressful world,  we can easily conclude that anxiety (part of fear), needs addressing.  Taking authority over symptoms and rebuking fear and torment has seen amazing and I have experienced many episodes of sudden disappearance of symptoms when an attack comes, through spiritual warfare (Eph. 6:10-17).  If you have ever suffered from allergies, you can attest to the fact that it is an onslaught when pollen or an allergen strikes.  I praise God for all He has done to heal me from many dehydration-caused conditions.  I have shared, in detail, but a few of my healings, and pray that  readers will be stirred toward seeking God for improved health, healings, and even miracles, and not as the last choice.

By the way, that first book was never finished, at least not for others.  It served many purposes, however, closing some doors while opening my eyes to understand His heart regarding forgiveness and the source of self-confidence.  He has shown me that some of my writings are for me alone, to grow me, in Him, while some are for others, that they may grow closer to Him.   That first series of stories revealed areas where He wanted to restore me, while giving me writing experience.  It was shelved when He began birthing verses instead, to describe my healings. Those first rhythmic expressions grew over years, into works you will see on this site. Writing is one of the best medicines to open the soul. To everything there is a season...

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