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Help Me, Lord

Oh Lord, you freed me
when you died on the tree.
bearing all my sins unselfishly,
yet in the midst of living life,
I humbly admit now, to You:
I often forget Your sacrifice,
then repeat same sins over
and over again.

Help me, Lord,
by Your Holy Spirit,
to remember before
I do or say things wrong;
warn me with Your red flag,
strongly, then draw my heart
to hear You, for I am weary
of my wrong doing, and
confessing yet again.
I want to be better
at obeying You.


©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 4/25/05

© Carolyn W. Patrinicola 2005; All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Registration number with Library of Congress TX6-265-103,  7/11/05.