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Prayer for the Light

Oh Lord God,
there is darkness now
all about me and within.
I feel not the fruit of joy.
Where is the rest you promise?
I believe in You, but where are You
now in the midst of this battle?
Why oh why do I seem to choose
to hold onto thoughts of doubt now,
that I know are not of God, when
I need to release them to You?

Help me find Your way,
Your truth, and Your life
in the midst of this suffering.
Give me desire to relinquish self.
Give me hunger deep for You first.
Sit me at Your feet and focus me.
Turn my eyes first to You, not man,
then keep them there, not wandering
to the left nor to the right.

Fill me, Oh Lord,
with your light of love
to restore and renew my soul.
Heal me, my precious Savior God
and remove this darkness that plagues.
Only You can bring inner wars to an end.
I release my self into Your care forever.
I can not do it anymore on my own.
I am helpless in my strength only.
You alone are the answer,
My God who will heal me
in ways You devised.
I trust in Your way.
You alone know the plan
You first wrote for my life,
and the way I might have peace;
therefore, send Me the Spirit to guide
me and comfort me and teach me Thy will.
I am ready, Lord, to be set free, finally, in thee.

©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 9/12/99

© Carolyn W. Patrinicola 2005; All Rights Reserved.
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