As the Hydrated With Love™ website was being prepared, the Lord put it upon my heart to contact  specific people to write endorsements of my work. All have either been directly involved with publication/distribution of my writings and/or providers of wise counsel through confirming direction which God was speaking to my heart. The willingness of each to do so, gave additional confirmation for this project to go forth. There are so many others who I would have also asked - family, dear friends, and co-laborers in Kingdom work, who have consistently encouraged me,  prayed for me, and requested and/or  used my writings in ministry, but it would be impossible to include all who have impacted and blessed my calling, at this time. Perhaps at a later time, there will be a link to share more. Following each person's word, I have added titles, even if not included by these humble people, again, as led. To each of you who listened to the Spirit and responded, I publicly express a heart thank you, and I pray blessings upon you, your loved ones, and your God-work, all your days.

"Dear Brothers and Sisters: I have been truly blessed by the Christian witness of Carolyn Patrinicola. Her love for Jesus is contagious. Carolyn's beautiful crafting of word and image have brought the encouragement of the Lord to so many of us here at Mt. Zion Church. I know you will be blessed." Yours in Christ, Craig McLaughlin (Pastor, Mt. Zion Methodist Church, Churchville, Maryland.  Carolyn's note:  Please go to their beautiful and anointed website, www.mzprays.org for more information.

"Terri and I have known Carolyn for a number of years now, and have been impacted with her writing and the passion that God has instilled in her heart to capture God's heart through her poems. Terri organized a Christian women's even in 2004 called "A Women's Garden Party." Terri and her team were so impressed with Carolyn's poems, they decided to use some of them for the event. One of the women painted some of Carolyn's beautiful poems on flat pieces of slate rock, to be placed throughout the garden area where the event was held. A number of women were given some of the slates to take home with them as a gift. Terri and I have two of them prominently displayed in our flower garden ("God's Garden of Grace"). We have been blessed tremendously by Carolyn's poems, as have many other people we know. We know you will be blessed as well. God has given her a wonderful gift for writing, and God is now allowing her to share that gift with so many others. It is God's message of love and grace that is given to us through the words of her poems. In His Grip, Rev. Jeff and Terri Sarine" (former Assistant Pastor and Women's Event Leader, Mt. Zion Methodist Church, Churchville, Maryland)

"I endorse Carolyn Patrinicola's writing ministry most heartily. She has contributed a number of verses and poems for the newsletters of the Maryland East Area Team of Aglow international, www.aglow.org.  All of her work is infused with powerful and remarkable insights. She has been acknowledged most favorably by our members for book markers and writings made into booklets for our retreats. In light of my requests of her, followed by her avid and generous responses, I can highly recommend Carolyn to anyone or any organization desirous of obtaining poems and other writings to enhance their religious concerns." Dorothy R. Gentile (past Vice President,  Public Relations, MD East Area Aglow)

"Carolyn has been our scribe and an intercessor for Isaiah 61 Ministries for over four years, and her writing gift has been a blessing to the leadership team and all who read her work. Her vessel messages have been used in our brochures, and her works have been and will continue to be available at our community outreaches, as they help bring people into a closer walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ. We know God has called Carolyn to a writing ministry, and we fully support and encourage her to continue to be a vessel for His glory." Gina Burk (Founder and President, Isaiah 61 Ministries). Go to www.isaiah61ministries.net for much more about this ministry's mission, outreaches.

"Exciting, creative, and so full of God's truths - Carolyn's writings are a must for you. Be enriched with the powerful love of God as you join Carolyn in drawing closer to our wonderful Lord." In His special love, Nan Connor (Intercessor)

"I would like to take this moment to say that Carolyn's words are inspirational and speak to the heart and soul of all mankind. Hydrated With Love™ meets one exactly where they are in life, and I believe these poems are going to touch a lot of lives." Alma Pabis (Christian Counselor, Harford Co., MD)

"I have known and worked with Carolyn Patrinicola for approximately four years on the local board of Fallston Women's Aglow Lighthouse. Her character and integrity have always been above board, so when she said that she was starting a website for her work, always shaped in vessel form, I was obviously very excited for her. She has put many hours and much prayer into her passion to write poetry for the Lord, and He, in turn, has blessed her with an unusual style and ability. I've enjoyed her many creative and beautiful poems over the years, and whether we make them into bookmarks or frame for wall use, they are unique in every way. They make beautiful inspirational gifts; and since she creates for ANY season, they are sure to water your soul." Christine Wilcox (past President, Fallston Aglow Lighthouse).

"We are like vessels, and into them we put the words of God which bring refreshment. Likewise, Carolyn's verses are given to her in vessel or container forms which God fills with His Word. Many of her verses that I cherish are tucked into my many Bibles, and I always seem to "find" the one that uplifts and refreshes me when I need it. When I'm most thirsty, I am refreshed by them, as you will be as you read them. Thank you, Carolyn, for sitting in His presence." Karen Geating (past President, and past Financial Secretary, Fallston Women's Aglow)

"Carolyn's poetry and its uniquely shaped format, bless the eye and nourish the heart. Her carefully selected words whiten gray thoughts, enlighten the soul, and refresh the spirit. With lyrical style, both word and thought carry and move you. God's handiwork and heart-work are so very present." (The Kunkels, The Olive Branch Christian Store Bel Air, Maryland)

"Carolyn has been a faithful contributor to Spiritual Voice newspaper for five years; her anointed works touch thousands who read this inspired paper in southern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. Carolyn's writings speak forth God's heart and therefore reach spirit and soul, ministering to those who believe, and calling forth those who are seeking His love. Her unique style of writing verse in the form of a vessel always brings a smile to my face as her style is especially artistic and therefore, noteworthy.  May all who read entries to this website be forever transformed by God's light, which He weaves into these inspired words."  Linda Eckman, Publisher/Editor, The Spiritual Voice

"Carolyn's writings are inspirational, personal, practical and prophetic. Her writings teach the Word of God in a poetic and graphic fashion, and will minister to your heart and the hearts of others that read them. Carolyn's writings and poems are truly from the heart of God, expressing His wisdom on life, love, friends, family, creation, death and sin. I have given them as gifts to others and they have always been received well, knowing they have been blessed by the great I AM." Dolores Kulik (past Vice President, Fallston Aglow Lighthouse)

"The Lord has truly blessed you with a precious gift of praising Him with your words." Sara Dahlen (past Vice President, Special Events, Maryland East Area Aglow)

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