The Key Password

As I sought the Lord's face on February 11, 2005 regarding how to begin this site, not knowing His full heart or where to go next, He tenderly led me step by step through His plan as I took careful notes, while on my knees.  I only knew one key thing - it was an inspired idea from Him, spoken first to my husband, for a wife's earthly covering or protection  is her husband first, after God.  Then a daughter was asked to join him, the one with all  necessary technical expertise, who did not hesitate as God drew her to His heart. Her goal was to complete her part as my Mother's Day gift.  God had birthed His plan by divine order, while also knowing how to most touch me, through family, but also to confirm this was of Him.  He worked, by love,  through people I loved, who He would be leading to also invest time and heart in His ultimate plan.  I was no longer alone as I had been so often in my life purpose.

After saying yes to having a website, the matter of where to begin loomed before me; however, from the beginning, I could see the link concept as a perfect vehicle to organize works then present them.  I then sought the Lord for direction, praying He would cover all of my loved ones with His banner of love and His most precious blood, believing He will not forsake me nor them as I step forward, in Him.  As I prayed, the thought then came to me, "my help is in the Name of the Lord" and I thanked Him for sending me first His help, then for the new help coming from family.  This plan from them confirmed the larger vision He had revealed to me in December 1996; after waiting  nine years, I had begun to doubt that original vision.  Aspects of it have occurred over time, for which I have been very grateful, but with this project I am now seeing an accelerated coming together of years of gathered inspiration.  This new hope has followed much work, waiting, and prayer mixed at times with fear, which always tries to enter, but waiting teaches patience, and I surely have needed that fruit to be more developed in me. 

Now back to that memorable morning when the Holy Spirit unfolded the plan.  As I waited on Him, He  explained that Hydrated With Love™ is a ministry, not a business.  This is why the banner heading each page of this site clearly declares this to be a writing ministry.  Then He poured out a beautiful explanation of the overall purpose,  and  has led me now to share a special portion of this with you, verbatim:  "This ministry is about coming into My garden.  Your first guide shall be about this experience.  Think about it, child - what happens in a garden?  First, we find the site, the foundation - do we not?  Then we clear our paths and planting locations.  Then we prepare the soil, feeding it, breaking it up, removing rocks and unwelcome pests, taking authority over it - do we not?  Then it is time to plant the plantings -  placement, color, size; this is the design element.  Then comes planting time - seeds and existing plants are carefully placed into the soil.  Then comes care - watering, lighting, feeding, weeding and protection.  Then we enjoy it, do we not?  We gaze at it, we walk through it, we smell and touch it.  Then we bring part of it indoors in vases and pots - we use it.  Sometimes we also create foods and products from it.  This is the creation of by-products.  As part of care, pruning must also take place during and at the end of seasons, for seasonal care is also needed; this is maintenance for future health of the garden.  No matter where a garden is planted, it shall require times of rest."

Then He spoke, "Your life is like a garden spiritually.  This is the reason why I began life there.  But first it was planted with provision for My people.  All man needed was pre-planned by Me for them.  Nothing was left undone.  I do not omit what man requires for a good life.  What man needs and what man wants are separate.  Man has become increasingly greedy and needy, confusing what is needed from what is desired.  In My garden is all that is needed."  I then thought of the words from a hymn entitled "Great is Thy Faithfulness", which says  "all I  have needed Your hand has provided..."    Then He spoke these words for not only me, but all who want to receive them,  "Hydrated With Love™  takes place in My garden, for there I water you by My Spirit with love.  Your garden is your life.  It can be a well-watered thriving garden or it can be a garden that produces only weeds and sick plantings.  What kind of life garden do you prefer?  You see, all desire to experience and walk through a healthy cheerful garden.  But they choose to go down side paths to unrighteous places, partaking of bitter experiences that destroy.  My way is to truth.  My way is to beautiful finishings.  My way brings life, not death, in Spirit.  My way is victorious over sin, for it is a life of liberty, in Me.  Only in Me is there freedom.  To be free, one must fill with Me, feed on Me, and be quenched of evil, by Me.  I am the way, the truth and the life." (then suddenly, the Jerusalem chimes on our porch began to clang strongly as a sudden wind came, then died down, allowing just enough of a breeze to create soft soothing music while He continued to speak to my heart) 

"The only Way to the Father is through Me.  There is no other way.  Just trust and obey, as the old hymn portrays.  It is the way to peace; it is the way to joy; it is the way to eternal life, even though this life may have crosses to bear, I think eternally as you must think.  This life is but a garden experience, a temporary passing through, not your forever life.  That life is with Me in the heavenlies where you instantly come to be upon earthly death, when you believe in Me as your Savior - that I died for you, shedding My blood for you, that your sins may be forgiven and you may  live with the angels in paradise.  I am there now, ever since My resurrection after the cross.  But I shall return to take up My beloved, My precious ones, who came when I called them and gave Me their hearts.  I live in them now on earth through My Spirit.  I live on through Him; I am the love in you.  He is the power of God.  My Father is the life in you.  The Kingdom of God, then, begins for you on earth with one "I DO!"  (As I wrote this, I knew these two words are the KEY PASSWORD to salvation.  When we say I DO to God, a marriage takes place between us and His Son, Jesus.  There are earthly unions with our spouse and there is the ultimate union with our Savior.  May you all say I DO to Him and become ONE.  Then He spoke the following words, which I pray you will answer to Him alone...

"Do you say "I do" to Me?  Do you say, "I do believe?"  Do you say, "I ask You in."  Do you say, "Help me live in this garden You gave me then."  Do you confess your sin?"  Do you believe I am with Father and shall come again?"  Then you are in My Eternal Garden."

Then He birthed the name of the collections I write - Life Garden Guides.  There are rewards for spending time with God.  There are blessings for seeking His Kingdom first.  There is no other choice, in my life garden but to plant seeds and water with Him.  I pray you will faithfully agree. The writings He inspires through me are to help human  life gardens be fruitful, content, healthy and beautiful, as they abide in Him then bring joy to others.

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