For Creative Hearts

The next five vessel messages were spoken to my heart prior to the launching of an artist support group at my church, for God was providing a safe environment for people gifted in creative visual arts, to grow and be encouraged. I believe now that these inspired words are meant to awaken people with various creative gifts, then stir them into greater and perhaps deeper expression of what He first planted in them.

Many believe their talents are inherited, or simply evolved over time from personal effort, then through practice and/or knowledge gained from books and schooling, they improve and even excel.  We also hear the term "self-taught." What exactly does that mean?  More than likely it infers that some believe they taught themselves with no help at all, not even from the One who created them. Does this attitude show pride?  Is God offended when we don't give Him glory for what He gifted in us?  Fearing God would seem to include thankfulness to Him for all He gives, and all we have is basically from Him. We also  hear it said that some can play an instrument by ear, or an artist has a natural ability. What does "ear" and "natural" really mean? The truth is, many very talented people never give God credit for having planted their gifts in them, while others may know it in their heart but not speak it out, much less openly thank Him. Whenever I experience this oversight, my heart always wants to say something to them like, "God certainly has gifted you;" sometimes I do say it,  now that I have had revelation on this topic.

On a personal note, my mother played the piano (by ear, she would say), and my father could play the drums like a professional, and also do calligraphy and create graphics with perfect precision, beginning in his teens, yet neither had a single lesson. But I do not recall either giving God any credit for it; they simply took His gifts for granted and assumed they inherited it all. I have always been creative in various crafts, yet never achieved a level  in anything that met high enough standards to reproduce.  In fact, only when items were made for church events or to encourage others, did I have that heart-based "yes" to sell or give them away.  God's peace is always the measuring device to go by.

Only works connected with writing, which God chose to release late in my life, have been fulfilling and approved consistently. Whenever a compliment comes, I say, "it's God; He gives me the words," or something similar, because I can't take credit alone.  In fact, when I haven't written for a while, it is my fault, not His, and He has reminded me of this when I have been remiss in spending enough time with Him. The Spirit wants our commitment to what He is willing to teach us. The more we submit, the more He pours out. I pray all God's people will commit more time from their lives to be alone with Him; it is the essence of creativity becoming reality. The various discoveries named here,  have taught this writer to never give up, to encourage others in their giftings, to be grateful for all He has revealed, and pursue Him first to keep finding all that could still be locked within.

If we believe God created our body, mind, soul and spirit, then He also had to create our various abilities.  Since He is also in charge of all timing , then He brings these seemingly hidden talents and gifts forth in His perfect time. I believe God revealed early in life, a portion of His gift of words  in my children and I, to give us a glimpse of  His future plans; writing for all three of us has been a good way to release heart pressure during life's various testings.  This advance "seeing" was to encourage each of us to continue in this safe form of self-expression. Perhaps it has been a God test, to see if we would follow-through, continuing to use this pathway to peace. Others are given other means to release stress while still producing something good.  My father was most happy when using his printing gift, but restless when not. When he used his gift less over time, mainly due to poor health,  he became a less satisfied man. My mother had a piano in our home for 12 years, yet she with the innate talent did not use it, instead tried pushing my sister to take lessons when not fully interested.  This very anxious woman could have had so many moments of peace through her gifting. However, she loved to harmonize, singing alto, which my sister, daughters, and I also enjoy.    This also is a gift not to be ignored, but instead to be used for God's glory.  Amazingly, the more it is used, the more it improves. How many people have always wanted to pursue voice, instrument or art training, but place it last on their to do list? If talent is there, pursuing these paths could be answer to prayer, peace, and even career needs! God knows our needs, then supplies solutions, and even places people in our face to get it done, and we sometimes fail to "see" them. Creative gifts are part of His healing way. Help us to use what You so graciously bestow upon us, Lord.

We are not meant to contain within ourselves, the gifts we are given, for other reasons as well -for inspired expressions become like feasts for the senses, and are meant to be appreciated by many. Those with special talents in the performing or visual arts,  need to nurture and water their abilities with the Spirit (Ps. 32), then share them. In doing so, God's children can be touched and inspired to step out, bloom, then know beautiful rewards from their Creator. NOTE: "Music of His Heart" is in the shape of a bell. Come and know the heart freedom born from using your God-given gifts!!!!

Speaking God's Heart
Through Our Gifts

In each I  plant
My heart to reach out
then touch those about
through eye and ear,
that they may see
and hear, then feel
beyond the realm
of earth and sea.

In each there lives
a gift from God
to be all He desires
them to be for Him.
Seek Him and know.
Seek first His Kingdom.
Seek Him and believe
He will bring forth
what He first
planted in you.

©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 8/04

Music of His Heart

Let not the need
to sing or play instrument,
go away, without focus inward.
Search your heart and know
what God desires you to do
with what He has planted
in the depths of who
and what you are.
To ignore is to be
like a door left ajar
while you strain to hear
what lies on the other side -
still incomplete and dissatisfied,
until Spirit springs to life the strains
He wants to release. Then let Him, not you,

©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 8/04

Dancing God's Heart

when you move
to the beat of My heart,
when your feet declare
as if speaking, while moving
over surface or in mid-air,
then you are dancing My heart,
sharing My love and compassion,
performing words without voicing,
presenting My wisdom for eyes,
preparing them to then
more of Me.

©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 8/04

Heart to Canvas

Within some
of God's people, there
is a palette of sensation
a passion born to create
through wide means of media,
each artwork expressing life
inspired from Father to Son,
through Spirit encouragement.
Let not this gift die.
Water it
with His Love,
not pride. Draw first
from Him, who dwells inside.

©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 8/04

Painting With Words

Some have been given
the gift of words, by God,
a knowledge He imparts
to speak and write
His heart,
like a painting
made alive through
words of life that captivate
and illustrate, for all to see
Father's creativity.

©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 8/04

© Carolyn W. Patrinicola 2005; All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Registration number with Library of Congress TX6-265-103,  7/11/05.