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Discipling Others

When we give our heart to Jesus,
becoming born again in spirit,
our eagerness to know Him better
becomes like a fire, for His arrival plants
a deep hunger within, to learn all we can
about our three in one God, the Trinity.
For though our heart has been filled,
we still crave satisfaction from
a new hunger - more intimacy.

We then need help from others
to come along side and disciple,
to guide us in keeping our eyes
on our shepherd who loves us.
God will send His people who are
gifted with a burdened heart to help
His new child find His right answers.
These disciples give precious time,
never considering it a burden
to teach, guide and listen
with open ears of love
and understanding,
as they share their testimony,
of how God surged their soul also,
then through Spirit, caused faith leaps.

All who believe are given many opportunities to share their story,
as God provides divine appointments readily. Discipling others
may require faith maturity, though God will use all of His own
far sooner than they'd imagine, if willing - ask to be used,
then let Him decide!
Matt. 28:18-20

©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 10/7/97

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