Life Garden Guides: Poured Out

(Garden Messages for Ministries)

In April 2000, God led me to compile a book for use by His Church, that was obviously the first Life Garden Guide. At first it appeared to consist of writings He had already inspired for my nursing home ministry, along with previously inspired mini-teachings on sacred dancing, mime, and liturgical clowning.  Just as the thought came to mind that these would not be adequate to cover the many areas of  ministry within a church, He informed me there were previously written works to add.  As I searched through them, He designated additional choices He desired, and the collection grew. During this compilation process, He began multiplying the core selections by inspiring pieces on the Bible, love, prayer, forgiveness, giving, relationship issues, worship, evangelism, and much more. Once gathered, possible title ideas started coming to mind, then during prayer, His ideas came forth - Poured Out.  It was the perfect title for people within His church to use, for anyone ever involved in the church knows it is a pouring out experience. The rewards are limitless as people serve, but they also know He pours back into them, the love, strength, ideas, provision,  fruits, time, and grace needed to perform what they have been called to do.

The next obstacle was how to illustrate the cover. I am not an artist, but  I can design ideas, which I am sure God inspires, and that is exactly what happened here.  A suddenly occurred when He spoke to my heart, "make a vessel from words!"  Now that I could do. Words quickly came to mind that told what was inside the guide, and they were typed into the shape of a pot. The pot represented two things: 1) the collection within the guide, and 2) the Church workers, who contain Jesus, and who would pour Him out, by Spirit power, using the guidance of these works for His glory. Truly, He does not forsake; as always, I had been rescued.

A number of selections in Poured Out have been taken to other countries by missionaries and youth involved with mission trips, while others have been used by hospitals, volunteers, secular organizations, churches, nursing homes, various ministries and individuals. Sacred Dancing was even used by a local athletic club dance class.

All selections on site are there for your use, however copyright laws apply regarding the re-typing of material (copies are to be made from the site, and only redistributed as long as the works print out on one page with the full verse/teaching, scriptures, and author line intact).  In addition, there cannot be placement of another person's name, as author, on these works.

If more interest is shown in Poured Out, perhaps more selections will be added to the site.

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