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In the Middle of the Night

If you wake up
in the middle
of the night,
and know not
why your eyes
opened wide -
just pray!

Not for self then
should you pray,
but for the others
God will place
in your mind
if He leads,
when you pray!

Something happens
when you think
of them - not self,
for you obey
the Lord
just then
if you pray!

It was Godís Spirit
who woke you up
to help Him then
in His great work,
for He wanted
to include you
as you prayed.

There is more -
for by listening
to His heart tug
He will lull you
back to sleep
His own way
while you pray.

It is Godís way
to bless giving
and your trusting
then obeying Him,
your time then His
for He taught you
How to pray.
("Meditate in your heart upon your bed, and be still.") Ps. 4:4b)

©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 2/12/99

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