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Liturgical Clowning

It is all about
letting Me be your face,
letting Me be your self,
letting Me be your all and all,
then blocking out all else
and dying to self
so I can show
My love
through actions
and expressions.

For joy has no face;
it is a heart message
from Me to all.
Do you see?
Do you see?

Iím in their eyes;
Iím in their smile
and body language;
no words needed,
just love
flowing out -
freely - unselfishly,
for all to see a new way.

My message did not end
when I died for you;
it only began when I arose
to be with My Father,
leaving the Holy Spirit
to be in your heart

©Carolyn Patrinicola 9/1/98

© Carolyn W. Patrinicola 2005; All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Registration number with Library of Congress TX6-265-103,  7/11/05.