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Music in Your Heart

When Jesus comes to live
in the heart of His beloved,
in the fullness He first intended,
a pure song also comes to live there,
for His Spirit seal resides there too, and
He will inspire God's precious children
with songs birthed from salvation's joy -
to magnify, then lift high, the Son of God.
For, His voice has called upon their spirit:
Come, pour out your praises and worship,
lift up your voice, then sing forth and shout;
play your instruments and dance His love
that fills your overflowing vessel, healed.
It is a gift He gives to you, His beloved,
a yearning to sing out in glorious wonder,
to honor the One who saved your soul.
To glorify becomes your heart need,
to exalt becomes your passion,
to give of yourself fully
becomes your release -
your thanksgiving,
for all He gave
in forgiveness, to you.

Jer. 33:11; Is. 12; Ps. 100

©Carolyn W. Patrinicola 4/1/00

© Carolyn W. Patrinicola 2005; All Rights Reserved.
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