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Seek First

Do not wait
till all else fails
before seeking what
you need to know -
seek first the kingdom of
God, given to each who come
to Me to find what is missing,
then be filled with My blessing.
For My kingdom is not a place
to go to, but a place you carry
along with you, in heart -
an empty place yearning
for My Spirit to dwell.
Come and be re-born
of water and Spirit.
Come and know
Jesus Christ,
that He may love you
as He first loved Me.

You see, My Son always seeks Me first.
Follow His example, child, then you, too,
will come to know the mysteries of My heart.

(Col. 1:24-29; Matt. 6:33; John 3)

© Carolyn W. Patrinicola 11/00

© Carolyn W. Patrinicola 2005; All Rights Reserved.
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