Life Garden Guides: The River Flows

In the fall of 2000, the second guide, The River Flows, consisting mainly of water-based messages that help to renew, restore and heal, was birthed so quickly, that I could not understand God's rush. But when the Holy Spirit pressed me to take it to the printer on the morning of my November 3 birthday, I knew why. Twenty five years earlier, on November 3, 1975, my father had chosen my birthday to have my mother's funeral. I had never forgiven him fully for that choice. Now, it appeared He was helping to heal that wound with good (Rom. 8:28). I also could never have known that exactly one year later, again on my birthday, my father would die. I do not believe in coincidence, or luck; instead I believe the hand of our sovereign God is involved with every aspect of our lives, and the events of the universe, for He is omniscient (all-knowing). I fervently believe God allowed both of my parents to leave this earth in conjunction with my birthday, to later show me He can turn all things to good. You see, at mom's funeral, I received the life changing revelation that the Bible was the Word of God, and all she had spoken to me about it was truth (I had doubted her "nagging" about it before November 3, 1975). A few years later I was saved, as seeds He continued to plant in me, grew, enabling me to better deal with a number of traumatic life issues through the 1980's.

God then chose my dad's funeral to have me speak publicly over his flag draped coffin of all the positive things he had done to influence my life. Only the Spirit of God could help me put aside years of resentment and bitterness, and instead lift up and honor my father in the sanctuary. God wanted healing to begin from his death, and a putting aside of the past. Of course, we all know that a person's funeral is surely not the time to bring up old anger, and I would not have done so; however, God wanted a heart transformation to occur then. Only He could do that, and did, through leading me through preparation, then faithfully upholding me as I approached the time to speak. An unexpected, overwhelming peace overwhelmed me as I walked forward, His gift for obeying Him, knowing my life phobia regarding public speaking. I also believe God then rewarded my positive portrayal of dad.  In my ministry, I write and speak for God; He knew this speaking fear had to be ended if I was to be effective and confident.  It was a stumbling block that had to go, and He chose the time.  As always, I was overwhelmed.  He is always acting eternally. I have now found joy in new life birthed from the death of my parents. God renews.

The River Flows is a tiny book, but I have been told by many that it is anointed for healing. It is an intensely personal collection due to its essence which concerns healing waters - the same waters that did indeed heal me that night in November 1996. I pray now that the River of God will flow through all who partake of it, and that body, soul, and spirit healings will then begin.

There is a word picture I believe He has given me to describe the River of God. The River is in all three persons of the Godhead - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It begins at the throne of the Father in heaven, and carries the Living Waters - the healing waters of life. It flows invisibly toward us, by the power of the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ, who is the fountain of the water of life, into all who believe in Him. And so, those who believe have the River of God in them all the time, flowing through them with the divine life force capable of transforming, restoring and renewing us to be more like God's Son. All people can have the same power in them that Jesus had on earth when he went about healing and raising the dead. All of this is available to those who are also sons of God (Gal. 3:19-29). Many on earth do not realize how much more of God can dwell in them, through His waters. May these water verses awaken you to crave Him more.

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