Life Garden Guides: Overflow

(Pouring Jesus Out As A Way of Life)

Several years ago, a series of verses were inspired to encourage God's people to pour out His love in them to others, for love is never to be held inside; it is meant to be like a fountain that never stops overflowing.  Thus, the collection was entitled Overflow.  If we think of a natural fountain which continually spills over its waters, we know in reality, its excess supply never seems to diminish, for there is a pump connected to an underground water system which feeds it. We would like to think these beautiful fountains will never stop, for they still us for a while and bring much needed pleasure to our senses. Even so, if electricity should fail, or there is a drought, pumps can stop functioning, and water supplies may temporarily disappear or need to be conserved. In essence, someone or some event can suddenly stop man-made fountains from flowing.

However, if we think of another fountain, the one which the Word of God calls the fountain of water of life (Jer. 2:13), who is Jesus Christ, we obviously have an entirely different process occurring. For, the Son of God has a divine power supply through the Holy Spirit, who brings to and through Him an endless source of living water, originating from the throne of God. This spirit-operated fountain is clearly not in need of man for power or water; for this fountain's Source is the Father God Himself.  His resources are eternal.  This living fountain carries life through those living waters, into all who believe, who are then to pour out their love to others.  Therefore, God includes His people in this beautiful cycle of love, which begins for them with  Jesus, who cannot help but overflow with the love of the Father into His children. This love is  the superior fruit of the (Holy) Spirit who was given to us and is spoken of in Galatians 5:22.  In truth, we are commanded to love (Matt. 22:34-40), and this love of God had to be present at creation for life to truly be manifested, then last.  Jesus was therefore present at creation, supplying the essential  ingredient of love (John 1, 1 John 1, 4:7-21). 

We know then, that Christ is love, but He is also life (John 14:6), and light (John 1:6-13).  If He truly dwells in us, then we can be sources of these three transforming characteristics to others, as we are filled by Him to overflow. In fact, there is a test to determine whether we do know Him (1 John 2:3-11).  Love and life have worked together for good, with light, to keep creation's first birth going and forever flowing.  Love, then, is the very essence of all life, the miracle ingredient needed which no one can create or control, but God.  It is divinely authored, therefore He must be present for His love to be present.  The River of God is the spiritual name for that life flow (Rev. 22:1-5), carried from Father's throne, through His Son, the fountain, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to man.  All three persons (Father, Son and Spirit),  in the Godhead (or Trinity) must therefore function together to carry out God's eternal life, love and light plans. The spirit-filled man becomes part of God's circle of love, when he re-pours it out to others, then is replenished by Him  for doing so.

The source which believers draw from is referred to in the Word as a well, for in Isaiah 12:3 God says, "...with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation." Therefore, with another fruit of the spirit, joy, those who believe are to confidently trust that their spiritual thirst will be continually quenched, for Christ promised to meet their needs through the Spirit Helper. And so,  the gift of salvation is like a divine reservoir for the believer, who has been given the blessed assurance that their Savior will never leave nor forsake them (Heb.13:5).  Those who trust in the Lord, need to boldly knock and ask (Matt. 7:7-11) in His Name, for a drink of living water. What is the source of that well? We know it is ultimately our Father God, for His heart outpourings are bountiful and boundless. His mercies are new every morning. His loving kindness is without end. Only God could so beautifully compare His life source to a well, though this kind never goes dry.

Even believers can experience dryness, unless they abide continually in Christ (John 15), through the Word, thus replenishing from His love, and increasing in faith.  Only then is fear conquered. God tells us in Philippians 4: 6-7, to be anxious for nothing, to pray about everything, to be thankful for all things, to make our requests known to Him, then His peace that passes all understanding will keep our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. He gives us a key to abundant life - PEACE! Overflow is another way of explaining the importance of our giving over self and all we try to carry alone, to our Father God; then He can truly re-use our vessels to help others grow (Eph. 2:14-18).

May the following samples from Overflow stir you to spend more time abiding in Him, that you may become a bright  light source to all He places in your life garden. There is nothing to compare with journeys of the Spirit. This I have discovered, but if your were to ask anyone who clearly shines for Jesus to share their life before and after Him, you would see that countless others have found God, through His Son, by the Spirit, and would never go back to their "before" life.  If you do not yet know Him, have backslid, or feel that call to seek more of God, I urge you to take the plunge that satisfies.  Your invitation for Him to take over your heart for the first time, is the best decision you will ever make.   If sincere, there won't be a need for a second invitation...

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